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05-10-17, 11:40 PM
I retired from the Navy as an Aviation Maintenance Officer, 6330 LDO. 20 plus years as Maintainer and 10 as needs of the Navy. Obviously not rolling in the dough so I need to get something relatively inexpensive and will do upgrades as the pension checks trickle in.

Question is, where do I set my sights in the 337 series? Normally aspirated, turbo, pressurized ??????? Don't mind ugly to start, just want to get something airworthy to fly while I improve it.

Guide me you Skymaster Jedi Knights! (Please 😅)

Dave Spurlock spurlockda at ya hoo dot com 240-434-5034


PS: I'm not the greatest forum warrior so apologies in advance if I appear to go dark. Not being rude - just knuckleheaded sometimes.