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Ernie Martin
09-15-02, 10:04 PM
My normally aspirated 1973 337G needs the prop governors overhauled. I've been getting conflicting info and would appreciate whatever help you can offer.

My units are McCauley CFS310D1A/T1. One shop in Ohio is telling me they can't OH this model, it's obsolete, so it'll cost like $1,200 each for newer OHC units which they claim replace mine. Another shop in Seattle says "nonsense, they're not obsolete, we'll overhaul them", and claim that, unless there are serious problems internally (which there shouldn't be because they're operating OK), it'll cost about $400 each.

BTW, I'm overhauling because it's been 11 years and 1200 hours since last overhaul and one of them drifts a little until things get warm (during the first 5-10 minutes of flight the RPMs get slightly out of sync between the engines, then they get back in sync, then they drift apart a little and come back, etc.).

Any thoughts on the units, on shops (good ones and bad ones), on prices, or any other related topic would be greatly appreciated.


Jim Rainer
09-16-02, 12:29 PM

I have a '76 337G normal and had my rear prop governor overhauled in June of 2001 for $800. Quality Aircraft Accessories, Inc. did the work and it was PN DCF310D3A/T1. I don't know where they are located as all I have is the from 8103-3 and the accompaning sheet showing what was done with no information except it is Approved Repair Station #QYIR334Y. Been fine ever since. I sent it in even though it was working properly because the limit tab had broken off.

Kim Geyer
09-16-02, 07:14 PM
Try H&H Propeller in Burlington NC 1 800 334-6437
Prop shop manager is YO Crisp.
They have overhauled 5 governors and 4 props for us in the last year. I'm not sure of the cost, I would think it was in the 400
to 600 range unless you have that piece of crap syncrophaser on
the rear governor then its a lot more.

09-17-02, 06:32 PM
Quality Aircraft Accessories, Inc. is located in Tulsa, OK. Justin Hicks is the owner. They do very good work. His toll free # is 1(877)833-6948. His E-Mail is jrhicksair@aol.com
Fred N358

Jim Rainer
09-17-02, 07:55 PM
Ernie, there you go! Fred E tells you how to contact Quality A. A. where I couldn't.

Ernie Martin
09-17-02, 09:02 PM
Thanks a bunch, guys. Will contact both firms. Kim, good to hear from you.


09-17-02, 09:30 PM

There's a very reasonable governor repair and overhaul shop in the Northwest:

Wings West Governor Exchange & Overhaul, Inc.
P. O. Box 1533
Graham, WA 98338

TEL: (253) 848-3188

Owner's name is Gary Cruz and they do a fine job. They're a small mom and pop operation, not a 'mass production line', so they pay attention to detail.