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larry bowdish
11-06-09, 02:06 PM
Gentlemen, My name is Don Wheeler will be qualified to receive Medicare next year. Am getting old. I have flown and worked on Skymasters for 30 plus years. I still have a small Interior and maintenance shop in Tucson Az. Nine years ago a gentleman came into my shop and wanted to purchase an Airplane preferably a twin . I had a 67 T. 337. Beings as how he was 6 ft plus and 200 lbs plus and had 2 brothers that were bigger, I suggested a T-337. This plane could carry 6 200 lb bodies and still maintain alt at 20 k at gross weight, fly 200mph. good gas mileage and the fact that any dummy could fly one and not get in to a large amount of trouble. Now I am a fibber. I took him and his large brother for a demo. Went to 10 K let him take off the plane from rt side. As he was making turns to the right I pulled the rear engine, neither one knew it until I brought it to their attention. That trick sold them! The three Lane brother found one in our good old Trade A Plane. I done the prepurchase for their bank and they had one. I worked on this Skymaster N86320, serial # &337-1149 for over three months housing Mr. Lane and his young daughter. Finished the plane and test flew it for several hours brought it back and put it in my hangar. Now this man worked with me the 3 months 10 hours per day 7 days a week. On November 18, 2000 he broke into my hanger at midnight and took the aircraft.
The local airport police did not do anything and I was left with the total
bill, including parts. The only thing I could do was file a lien. The
bank that owned the plane called me 2 days ago and was in the process of repossessing the plane and wanted to know if I was the one that had the lien. The Lord works in mysterious ways. He told the bank that he had sold it to some one in California even with the bank owning the plane. I am asking for some help tracking this plane down. I think I can recoup my lose.
If you folks can help would certainly appreciate it . I just hope that most pilots that are going to buy a plane does a title search.

Thanks, Don

I forgot to give my phone # 520-883-3331 home. Walk around 520-444-5055.