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rick bell
11-06-07, 06:37 PM
selling 1973p reims ??
as soon as i figure how to attach a pdf file i will post the spec's.


larry bowdish
11-07-07, 10:13 PM
here's the pdf file.
Al says best offer.

11-08-07, 08:08 PM
Is this it Rick?

rick bell
11-09-07, 02:38 PM
actually it does, except for the strut doors
when repaired do not close all the way,
about a 1 gap and need a good wax job.

forgot to add total time 1800.
stol kit
plumber for boots (when we added the stol kit we need to remove the boots. we sent them out to be overhauled, the shop
went bankrupt and the employees stole all the customers boots).

rick bell aka bigal08

11-21-07, 11:19 PM
How much do you want for the plane? And, can you send or post pics?

rick bell
11-22-07, 01:23 PM
e-mail me "alsharpton@earthlink.net"


rick bell
12-17-07, 08:23 PM

Jody Eberly
01-26-08, 12:08 AM
Is this the aircraft in yuma ? White with blue trim ? Tail # 20gm !

rick bell
01-26-08, 12:01 PM

rick bell
03-18-08, 07:06 PM
decided not to sell it, thinking of collecting
on my ex's life insurance policy, maybe using dirty looks or insults will create a
heat-a -tttack; be so freggen lucky.
anyway going to try to finish the minor
repairs and get the fat pig flying.