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07-05-02, 05:47 PM
Can anyone provide me with a drawing of the 'footprint' of a Skymaster - that is a drawing looking down on the plane with approximate dimensions of wingspan, fuselage length and width, tail dimensions, along with the height of the tails? I'm in the early stages of designing a house to be built at an airpark, and I figure that a skymaster is the biggest thing I'd ever want to put in the hangar.

If you've got this in electronic form and can email, great! If not, I can be faxed at 530-348-7043.

Or if someone has a web link to a drawing, great.


Larry Rachman

07-05-02, 09:45 PM
Larry, try <www.chez.com/asaero/Triptiques/cessna.htm> there are three outlines of an O-2

Bob Cook
07-05-02, 09:53 PM
Should be the only thing!

Carefull, some long range tanks make the wings wider (longer?).

45 ft is a comfortable #


07-05-02, 11:06 PM

The O2 site seems to have drawings, but not with dimensions


45' wingspan... really??!! The wingspan is listed in the wilson door catalog as 38' - do the wing tanks add 7 feet?

Also, can anyone provide the span between the tails, and the front of the spinner to back of the tails distance?



07-06-02, 01:03 PM
Ahhh... Me too... here is my drawings of my hangar... but, I have a 45 ft door... bifold...

07-06-02, 02:33 PM
Should I have been able to download that drawing in a form that is readable? I can just barely make out what appear to be dimension lines.

07-06-02, 04:04 PM
Service Manual 1965 - 1969 gives dim. as:
Wing Span = 38'
Tail Span (overall) = 10' 8 1/4"
Length (337 - series) = 20' 9"
Length (T337 - series) = 29' 10"
Fin Height (maximum with nose gear depressed) = 9' 4 3/4"
Track width = 8' 2"

Hope this helps
Fred N358

Mark Hislop
07-06-02, 04:17 PM

My dimensions for a 73 P337 match those that Fred gave you. My aircraft has Horton wingtips, which increase the wingspan to 40'. I have a hangar with a 44' door, which is plenty of clearance.

07-06-02, 07:06 PM

And how wide a hangar do you need to accomodate a 44' wide door? At our airpark (to be) the structure of the hangar has to be essentially the same as the house, driving $$$ up. So I'm looking to keep everything as compact as possible.


07-06-02, 10:27 PM
Welll nowwww..... you want to store the bird in a metal box or wooden one... smile....

go to the site listed below and you will be able to see some of the others that are around the country... one of which I think is right up where you live...
Schweiss is the door manufacture located at http://www.bifold.com/

I have about 50 feet of frontage and the door is 45 ft long... so that it will have some room for a side door .. don't want the door in the bi-fold part...

Ya they get pretty expensive to build.. and of course you can consolidate.... but, just think it will be in your living room.. that way you can watch movies like Bat 21... on the big screen TV... make gunfire noizes from the computer... and sit in the real thing.. while your wife makes dinner... smile... Ya I know the prop gets in the way.... when its not runing... but, then again... you can have a whole house cleaning and airconditioning by breeze once you fire up that little bueatie.... and just think put two doors on it and you can drive thru.. no backing up needed... think of the money you will save... no tug... no vacuum cleaner... no airconditioner... why what a savings... of course she may not like you getting the oil on the rug... but, put news paper down before yo start... just think of the money you save... smile.... GMAs

Mark Hislop
07-07-02, 08:50 AM

Mine is a simpe Tee hangar. The width of the hangar is the same as the width of the door. Personally, I would want at least 1' of clearance on each wing tip. But then again, I have trouble backing my car down the driveway.