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06-12-02, 05:21 AM
New flyer on block needs help !

Want to remove aft gear doors on 337 #1416 by fitment of Mod like the RT Aerospace Kit.

Are there any other manufacturers of the Gear door removal kits besides RT Aerospace. (have been trying RT for a week without response)

Ernie Martin
06-12-02, 07:13 AM
I don't think anyone else has an STC for the gear door removal mod. RT is still around. I talked to Ray recently and he's been contributing to the Message Board (his last message was a week ago). They've just moved their offices and there may be glitches with the phones. Make sure you try their NEW number (954.441.7479), not the 305 area code number that appears in old Trade-A-Plane ads.


06-12-02, 11:04 AM
Ray Torres (of RT Aerospace) email is rtaero@bellsouth.net, if you would like to try to reach him that way.

I don't know of another source of the mod, RT does a good job, I hope you connect with them.


06-12-02, 04:16 PM
Thanks guys for the fast assistance.

Have contacted Ray at RT Aero - he had been away for a week. Proceeding with a purchase.

As you indicated Ray was most helpful.

Thanks again for the response.

Dave T.
09-01-03, 06:16 PM
What does it cost to remove the doors?


09-02-03, 05:59 PM

Dave T August 2003 message.


In July 2002 the Cost of Door removal Mod was US$2,295.00 ex factory.

We were also advised there is about 25 man hours to accomplish the mod.

Supplier is :

R.T.Aerospace Corp
P.O. Box 170938 Hileah
Florida 33017-0938

Email : www.rtaerospace.com (not sure if that was capital or small letters)

Be patient, they took some time to respond as the man is out of office a lot.

Best of luck

Michael Knight