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Bob Cook
04-16-02, 04:43 PM
For all those attending.

I will be in TCay week before you arrive. Here is some info.

1)If you need to use a phone all cell phones work except Bell south and sprint.
2) pick up ATT cards at walmart or elsewhere. This is cheapest comm back to usa.
3) my phone is 242 365 8683. Call if you need help or info.
4) email is bobcook@oii.net.
5) email me in advance if you have food preferences or special diets.
6) there is a minimal pharmacy so make sure you bring medicine, asperin, sun tan lotion and all other sundry items.
7) let us know if you are coming early and we can set up some tours for you.
8) bring tie down ropes for AC along with a prop lock if need be.
9) FSS is toll free from the bahamas.
10) plan on returning to KFPR. this is best way back. If you need a flight plan let me know. best routing is freeport direct ANGEE direct FPR.
11) be sure you hit MYAT before 6 PM and if later notify me or customs. They go home at 6 if no one around.
12) they are installing night lighting and may be functional. Will let you know next week.
13) myat VOR was out of service.
14) Cancel with MIA at or above 7k ft, otherwise you might not be able to cancel on the ground. Do a relay cancel if need be.
15) if there are CBs around then go VFR at or below 1500 ft. Stay out of the verga. rain showers okay.
16) you can go VRB direct to MYAY if you like. Hard to get direct further north.
17) flying time from VRB is 60 min.
18) Booze is cheaper than gas.
19) if you like a certain beer then bring your own, otherwise bud light and local beer avail.
29) they have an ATM is TCAY.. this is new.
30) it is a 20 dollar taxi ride unless you call me to get you. I will charge 19 dollars... <G>
31) closest fuel is at ZIG ZAZ in Marsh harbour. This is 20 miles away.
32) make sure you have 1.5 hrs fuel to return to FPR plus reserves.
33) you are allowed to bring in anything except oranges and grapefruit. all other stuff okay.
34) landing fee of 8 dollars and 15 dollars per head outbound.
35) tiedown first then carry stuff to building (customs). You do not need to stay with AC.
36) Wx is 70-80 degrees.
37) go to www.oii.net for additional info, questions. BB is good reading.
38) US $ is at par.
39) do not bring any guns.
40) dogs are okay. (no grouchy spouces)
41) If anyone gets seasick let me know in advance.
42) no snakes.
43) everyone speaks english.
44) leave your watch on the plane.
45) plan on getting departure "pain" as time flies.
46) you can reach me at 123.45 on way in if you like.
47) fly safe.
48) Don't forget to cancel your flight plan!!!
49) Tell customs it is a single engine aircraft and the rear engine is only a spare. You can save yourself the twin tax of 7 dollars. I got away with it for awhile until they were educated by a regular twin driver. <G>.

email if you have any other questions.


larry bowdish
04-17-02, 07:02 PM
Do US 1-800 numbers work from the Bahamas?

Bob Cook
04-17-02, 07:53 PM

Some 800 numbers work ie airlines and FSS. All others do not. Suggest you use an ATT CCard or expect to pay 1.25 per min!
Cellphone rates are about the same.
CCard rates are about 30 cents per min. Do not call collect!



larry bowdish
04-19-02, 10:28 AM
I went to the local FBO looking for low-alt or sectionals, and coudn't get any. Does anyone know where to get charts for the Bahamas? Should I just wait until I get to Florida?

Ernie Martin
04-19-02, 12:06 PM
Larry, the Miami sectional extends to Treasure Cay.

Ernie Martin