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Commodore Aerospace is an excellent source of Skymaster and O-2 parts and expertise. Below is some information about the company, and pictures of their operation.

Commodore is owned and operated by Don Nieser, who can be reached at 405-722-4079. They are located at Wiley Post Airport (PWA) near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


Specializes in 0-2 and 337 Skymaster parts sales, aircraft sales and aircraft restorations. Maintains large inventory of new surplus ex-USAF parts and is parting out several 337 and 0-2 aircraft. Won "Silver Wrench" award for "Best 0-2" at Oshkosh 2002. Started in 1989 winning a government surplus sale of one 0-2A and four 0-2B cannibalized aircraft. Purchased military surplus 0-2A and 0-2B parts from 1990 to 1997.

Donald E. Nieser

Bachelors degree in Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering
Masters degree in Business Administration
USAF Air War college and Air Command and Staff College

38 years as an Aerospace Engineer, last 23 at Tinker Air Force Base (Retired 2001). Managed aging aircraft corrosion research programs on KC-135, B-52 and E-3 aircraft. Conducted accident investigations on TF41 engines and A-7 aircraft. 15 years as an Aerospace Engineer at Bell Aerospace, McDonnell Douglas, LTV, and General Electric. Conducted wind tunnel tests of advanced aircraft external flow and jet flow interactions. Conducted SCRAMJET design, testing and analysis, V/STOL aircraft jet flow analysis, jet engine installations in Air Cushion Vehicles and Surface Effects Ships.

37 years in Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve. Mobilization Augmentee to Chief of B-52 Engineering , Civil Engineering Squadron Commander, Aircraft Maintenance Officer on F-4, F-100, C-124, KC-97 aircraft, Flight Engineer on KC-97 aircraft, Maintenance Crew Chief on F-86 aircraft.



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