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David McClay's 336

Contributed by Kevin Mackenzie

Click each picture to see a larger version of the photo.

David's airplane is used by the Forest Service for firespotting. The empty space in the right panel (with black cover) is for the Forest Service Radio. He also says the he loves the airplane, and that it hauls a really good load. When he bought it, it had not flown for 16 years. He says the only major thing he has had to do to it is repaint it. Beautiful bird David!

Note fan blades around spinner. Unique to 336

Another shot of the fan blades


Rear engine cowl flap retracts to streamline with engine cowling.

Dave says he always leaves the flap fully open.

Dave also says he has trouble with high oil temperatures. This must be where the persistent "hot rear engine" rumor on 337s comes from.  

Note loss of thrust detector lights, unique to 336. The bulbs have been removed in this shot.






Yes, it really is fixed gear

Dave and his wife, whose name I neglected to write down (sorry!).



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